Dr Erik J Cox - Scientist - Erik is a physicist and former Research Scientist in nanotechnology. He has extensive experience similar level complexity projects involving internal and external staff.
Peter Cubbin - Designer | Inventor | Web - Peter is a designer, inventor with a background in managing online presence. He has experience of meeting deadlines and the importance of product branding.
Tim Harper - Scientist | Engineer | Keynote Speaker - Tim is recognised as a leading expert in the economics and commercialisation of Nano and other emerging technologies. 
Jonathan Straight - Consultant | Investor | Philanthropist | Speaker -  Jonathan works extensively with start-ups and small businesses, his role will be in mentoring, assisting and helping DeHeat achieve market status. 
Graeme Kenna – Lawyer - Experienced in all aspects of law, his role will be to advise Inclusive Designs about the law surrounding DeHeat’s route to market and our freedom to operate with our present IP position.


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We are a small design and innovation company based on The Wirral UK




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